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Malta Nomad Residence Permit

Launched in 2021, Malta’s Nomad Residence Permit (NRP) offers third country nationals, who can work remotely, the opportunity to reside in Malta for up to one year. Governed by the Residency Malta Agency, the Nomad Residence Permit, aims to attract digital nomads who receive their income from outside of Malta and can work irrespective of their physical location.

With over 300 days of sunshine, beaches, rich history and beautiful architecture, Malta is the perfect place to get the work-life balance right.

With a growing expat community, it’s easy to meet and network with other entrepreneurial expats. Malta boasts easily accessible WiFi hot-spots and co-working office spaces.



Applicants for the Nomad Residence Permit must be third country nationals, prove that they can work remotely using telecommunications, and earn a minimum gross monthly income of €2,700.

The applicant needs to fulfil one of the following categories:   

a) The applicant works for an employer registered in a foreign country and has a contract of work; or

b) The applicant conducts business activities for a company registered in a foreign country and of which applicant is a partner/shareholder; or

c) The applicant offers freelance or consulting services, mostly to clients whose permanent establishments are in a foreign country, and with whom the applicant has contracts.

In addition, the applicant must also fulfill the following requirements:

  • have a valid travel document;
  • be in possession of health insurance covering all risks in Malta for the duration of their stay;
  • hold a valid property rental or purchase agreement in the applicant’s name;
  • pass a background verification check; and
  • pay a non-refundable administrative fee of €300.

Procedure & Timeline


1-5 DAYS

File Preparation

Compilation & preparation of the file including Letter of Intent stating the reasons for applying and the intended duration of the stay in Malta, either 91-180 days or 181- 365 days.


Application Submission

  • Submit the application file together with scanned copies of supporting documentation
  • Pay €300 for each applicant & dependant


Application Review

  • Residency Malta Agency reviews application
  • Background checks are completed


  • Applicants will be invited to Malta
  • Third-country nationals requiring an entry visa may apply for a Premium Visa at Identity Malta. A National Visa for 91-180 days will be granted.
  • Third-country nationals not requiring an entry Visa may proceed directly.


Applicants are required to visit the Residency Malta Agency’s offices in person to submit their biometric data and application documentation.

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