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Malta Individual Investor Programme

Ranked in 2019, as the second most successful and credible programme, the Malta Individual Investor Programme is a direct route for affluent individuals of repute to secure one of the most popular European passports. Accepted by the European Commission, a Maltese Passport, grants beneficiaries the right to live, work and study in all the European states, along with freedom to access more than 180 countries visa free. Within 3 weeks, applicants receive a fast track residence card which allows investors to reside in Malta and travel throughout the Schengen countries visa free, while documents are prepared for the application for citizenship. Spouse and dependents may be added to the application, along with financially dependent family members that satisfy certain criteria.


Investment Value

Investments under the Malta Individual Investor Programme fall under three categories:-  property purchase or rental, monetary contribution, investment in bonds/ shares. Investors may choose to purchase property for a minimum value of €350,000 or alternatively rent for at least €16,000 on a yearly basis, for a minimum period of five years. A monetary contribution of €650,000 will be contributed to the government National Development Fund and €150,000 are to be invested in government bonds for a minimum period of five years. It is also mandatory to indefinitely hold global health insurance for every family member for a minimum coverage of €50,000. Whilst additional contributions may apply for family members included in the application, the majority of investments are to be settled once in principle approval of citizenship application is issued by the local authorities.

Procedure & Timeline



Main Applicant in good standing Residency File preparation & submission. Payment of €5,000 non-refundable part contribution Residency Card issued


Citizenship file preparation and submission. Payment of €5,000 non-refundable part contribution. Application is reviewed by local authorities


In principle Approval issued


Settle remaining Government Contribution of €640,000 (additional fees as applicable for every dependant)


  1. Purchase (€350,000 min.) or rent (€16,000 min./year) qualifying property (for 5 years)
  2. Invest €150,000 in Malta government bonds (for 5 years)
  3. Purchase Health insurance – €50,000 minimum coverage per applicant (indefinitely)
  4. Satisfy the genuine link requirements

Oath of Allegiance is taken and naturalisation certificate is issued

Passport is applied for and issued

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