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Vertex Alliance Ltd is your trusted partner for your residency and citizenship by investment needs. Rooted in decades of experience in the industry, our team has assisted numerous families from across the globe with acquiring a second residency in Europe and/ or a European passport.

We understand that our clients are unique, with every individual bringing along a wealth of international, personal and multifaceted circumstances. Subsequently, our approach is to handhold every unique client in a unique manner and providing unique solutions. We are diverse yet knowledgeable, flexible yet meticulous, we look inside the box yet think outside of it. Every client is important to us and we will ensure that through our core values, we will remain renowned for a personalised and smooth experience. 

We acknowledge that in today’s fast paced world where small details make a big difference, clients look for advisors who speak their language and understand their culture. Our multi-lingual team is fluent in English, Maltese, Mandarin, Malay, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Furthermore, we aim to provide a hub for our residency and citizenship clients whereby they can also rely on us for administrative support, tax advice and tax compliance in Malta.

Vertex Alliance strives to live up to its name which is the highest point, an apex. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that each and every client has the opportunity to experience a personalised and seamless service from the moment we first speak thereon.

Kenneth Camilleri

Our Values


Situations do not come with a written script and so we ensure that our team will be committed and empowered in relation to the clients that they are working with. We will empower our professionals to be able to go the extra mile and provide an open minded and solution focused approach.


Clients will entrust us with very personal and significant matters, and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.


Knowledge is key to providing our clients with a seamless service. Our team will not only be qualified to provide the services in question, but also will be regularly growing their knowledge through continuous professional development.


The team will consist of amazing individuals, but it is only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. Our team will be steered to work together like a football team; working towards a common goal.


We value diversity in people and believe that working with people of different backgrounds and cultures not only helps employees to grow into better professionals, but also provides our clients with a personalized experience that is close to home.

Kenneth Camilleri

Managing Director

Kenneth is the Managing Director and co-founder of Vertex Alliance. By profession Kenneth is a qualified and warranted accountant and tax advisor, and his expertise lies in residency and citizenship, international taxation, and wealth structuring. Previously, Kenneth held the position of Senior Director at an international law firm for a span of fifteen years, whereby he led both the Tax Advisory and Tax Compliance Departments as well as the Residency and Citizenship team responsible for the Asian market.

Over the years, Kenneth has spoken at more than eighty conferences and roadshows primarily in Asia but also across Europe. Numerous and diverse high net worth individuals have entrusted Kenneth with both their personal as well as corporate tax planning. Furthermore, together with his team of professionals, Kenneth has supported numerous tens of clients with acquiring European residence and/or citizenship.  

Formerly, Kenneth has occupied senior positions at a leading five star hotel in Malta, whereby he was the Chief Finance Officer and subsequently the General Manager. He has lectured both the Fundamentals and Advanced ACCA paper in taxation and was well renowned among students for his practical approach in simplifying and breaking down complex tax matters.

Professionally, Kenneth is best known for being an achiever who embraces challenges, for being a leader who inspires, and for his pragmatic and creative problem solving skills.

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Кеннет Камиллери

Управляющий директор

Кеннет является управляющим директором и соучредителем компании Vertex Alliance. Кеннет – профессиональный бухгалтер и консультант по налогообложению, с большим опытом работы в сфере вопросов получения гражданства и вида на жительство, международного налогообложения и структурирования накопленных финансовых средств. До того, как открыть свою компанию, Кеннет занимал должность старшего директора в международной юридической фирме на протяжении пятнадцати лет и возглавлял отделы налогового консультирования и налогового законодательства, а также был во главе отдела по вопросам получения вида на жительство и гражданства и отвечал за азиатский рынок.

За эти годы Кеннет выступил на более чем восьмидесяти конференциях и выездных презентациях, в основном в Азии, но также и по всей Европе. Большое количество состоятельных людей доверили Кеннету заниматься вопросами как своего личного налогообложения, так и налоговой оптимизацией деятельности их предприятий. Кроме того, Кеннет со своими коллегами помог не одному десятку клиентов получить европейское гражданство или вид на жительство.

В начале своей карьеры Кеннет занимал руководящие должности в одном из ведущих пятизвездочных отелей на Мальте, где сначала он был финансовым директором, а потом генеральным директором. Он также читал лекции по основам налогообложения и по различным вопросам, которыми занимается Ассоциация дипломированных сертифицированных бухгалтеров, и был известен среди студентов за свой практический подход к упрощению и разбору сложных налоговых вопросов.

В профессиональном плане Кеннет известен прежде всего тем, что умеет справляться с трудностями, является настоящим лидером и прагматично и креативно подходит к решению проблем.

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