Portugal Residence Permit For Investment Programme

Also known as the ‘Golden Visa’, the Portugal Residence Permit for Investment programme enables third country citizens to obtain residency in Portugal through investment. The application process is straightforward with an average timeframe of 8-10 months and may include financially dependant family members. Investors can apply for the programme having only one physical visit to Portugal with a minimal stay requirement of 14 days every two year period.  

Investors are eligible to apply for permanent residence or citizenship after five years at the end of the programme. Portuguese citizenship allows freedom of movement within the European Union. 


Investment Value

Investors can choose from several investment types and must take place before the application is submitted. The investment must be fulfilled for a minimum period of five years.

The most popular investment type is the acquisition of real estate which may be residential, commercial, rural or plots. The minimum real estate investment thresholds are: €500,000 for new properties, €400,000 for new properties in less inhabited regions, €350,000 for properties older than 30 years or located in an area of designated urban regeneration and €280,000 for properties older than 30 years in less inhabited regions. Properties may not be acquired in Lisbon, Porto or on the coast of the mainland. 

Other capital transfers options include: €250K for Artistic Work & Recovery of Portuguese Cultural Heritage; €500K for Scientific or Technology Research; €500K Investment or Private Equity Funds for the Capitalization of Companies; or a €1,500.000 capital investment.

A further two investment types involve the creation of at least 10 jobs or 5 jobs alongside a transfer of €500K to incorporate a limited liability company in Portugal.

Procedure & Timeline




The investment must be completed before applying. In the case investing in real estate, this may take between 1-3 months to complete a property purchase.



For pre-approval, documents need to be submitted to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

1 - 3 MONTHS


All documents need to be submitted and biometric data collected from the main applicant and family members.

3 - 6 MONTHS


The Residence Permit is granted

SEF takes up to 3 months to process the application.



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