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An overview of Malta’s successful COVID-19 management

2020.06.02 - Covid survival (JBF)

It is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the world’s economies and brought down numerous healthcare systems to their knees. However, Malta and the strategy implemented by the local government, Health Minister Hon Chris Fearne and Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci has received prestigious plaudit. Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, Commonwealth Secretary General very recently described Malta as ‘‘the best in the whole of Europe’’. She also went on to add that ‘‘Many people are looking at Malta, not only celebrating her, but also copying her too.’’ (29th May 2020)

Being a small and dense island, Malta was faced with quite a test to manage the highly contagious COVID-19. However, through quick actioning, widespread and easily available testing, avid contact tracing, and partial lockdown measures, Malta has successfully managed to flatten the curve. Following are some numbers that put our words into context.

Number of swabs
Number of recoveries
Number of deaths
Statistics (as at 04th June 2020)

Swab tests are currently available in less than an hour and free of charge to all citizens of Malta.

Country Comparison

Prepared by Dr Andrea DeMarco, Lecturer, Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy, University of Malta

In addition to a health based strategy well ahead of the game, the government of Malta has also made sure to safeguard and cushion the economic impact. In fact, following is a summary of the incentives and support provided:

  • Tax deferrals
  • Grants for providing teleworking
  • Grant for Quarantine leave
  • Social Measures
  • Wage supplement scheme (businesses and self employed)


Further detail on such incentives may be found in our next article.


7th March 2020
11th March 2020
12th March 2020
13th March 2020
17th March 2020
19th March 2020
21st March 2020
23rd March 2020
04th May 2020
22nd May 2020
05th June 2020
08th June 2020
01st July 2020

Malta reports the first imported case

Travel ban to Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland 14 day quarantine for all persons travelling back from these countries

Closure of all schools, university, elderly centres and childcare centres

Mandatory quarantine for travellers returning from any country

Closure of gyms, bars, cinemas & restaurants (except for take outs)

Introduction of financial package for businesses of almost €2 billion

All passenger flights inbound to Malta temporarily suspended

Closure of all non essential retail and services

Prohibition of all organised group gatherings

Partial re-opening of non essential services (preventative measures to be followed)

Re-opening of almost all non essential services (preventative measures to be followed)

Re-opening of all businesses and all employees can return to work (preventative measures to be followed)

Multi-million mini budget to be announced

Re-opening of Malta airport (travel to 19 specified countries allowed)


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