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Understanding the Eligibility & Investment Requirements – Malta’s Global Residence Programme


The Global Residence Programme (GRP) is a residence option for third-country nationals wishing to obtain a special tax status in Malta.

The GRP aims to attract investment to Malta by offering investors a favourable tax solution together with residence. Under the GRP, high-net worth individuals are taxable at 15% on foreign source income remitted to Malta, subject to an annual minimum tax of €15,000, which includes family members.

Who Can Apply? A Checklist
✓ An applicant must be at least 18 years of age and must not hold a citizenship of the European Union (EU), Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein or Switzerland.
✓ An investor applying under the Global Residence Programme may not be a beneficiary of any other tax programmes offered in Malta, such as the Malta Retirement Programme.
✓ Investors are required to prove that they are in receipt of stable and regular resources sufficient to maintain all parties to the application, such that there is no recourse to public funds.
✓ Furthermore, the applicant, dependant family members and any staff must be deemed fit and proper by the Maltese authorities. All persons over 18 years need to duly submit a police conduct certificate and a sworn declaration made before a Commissioner of Oaths in Malta that they are not subject to any criminal or civil proceedings.
✓ Hold a valid travel document
✓ Family members may join the application, including: spouse or partner, minor children and adult children up to 25 years who are financially dependant on the main applicant. Brothers, sisters, parents and grand parents of either the main applicant or spouse can also be included, provided that they are financially dependant and reside in the same qualifying property.
✓ The main applicant may also apply for household staff to be included

Investor Requirements

The applicant needs to either own or rent property which will form their principal place of residence worldwide. In the case of purchasing, a qualifying property must have a minimum value of €220,000 for properties located in the south of Malta or Gozo or €275,000 for properties in the rest of Malta.

In the case of renting, a qualifying property must have a minimum value of €8,750 in the south of Malta and Gozo or €9,600 for properties in the rest of Malta. Rental agreements should be not less than 12 months.    

The main applicant and dependant family members must be in possession of EU health insurance and pay a non-refundable administrative fee of €6,000 to the Commissioner For Revenue. In the case an applicant owns a property in the south of Malta, the fee is reduced to €5,500.

The Office Of The Commissioner For Revenue is the Maltese authority responsible for handling GRP applications.  

An application for a special tax status under the Global Residence Programme must be submitted by an Authorised Registered Mandatary (ARM) on behalf of the applicant. The ARM is responsible for all communication with the Commissioner for Revenue.  

Applications are renewable on an annual basis.

For more details about the Global Residence Programme, please contact us.


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