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Malta General Election 2022

2022.03.29 - Web Malta Parliament Vertex Alliance (MH)

General elections were held in Malta on the 26th of March 2022 to elect members of the House of Representatives.

The Labour Party (PL) won the majority with 55.1% of the popular vote (162,707 votes) while the Nationalist Party (PN) obtained 41.74% of the vote (123,233 votes). The smaller parties receiving 3.2% of the vote.  

Labour Party Leader, Mr Robert Abela, was sworn in as Malta’s Prime Minister on Monday the 28th of March, having secured a large majority of 39,474 votes, ensuring the Labour majority in the House of Representatives continues. The Labour party has been in power since 2013.

Malta is a republic and a full member of the European Union. Parliament in Malta is made up of one chamber, the House of Representatives with members being elected every five years. Members of Parliament are elected from 13 districts across Malta. The last election took place in 2017.

During the leadup to the 2022 election, The Labour Party’s manifesto included more investment in creating greener urban areas, extending free childcare to all, and reducing the rates of tax. Robert Abela has also promised to lift Covid-19 restrictions allowing individuals to choose their own safeguards.

Malta continues to be a favourable jurisdiction for investors seeking a business-friendly environment in Europe and a safe country for third-country nationals to live.  

Malta offers both citizenship and permanent residency by investment options, namely the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment (CDI) launched in 2020 and Malta’s Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) launched in 2021.

Vertex Alliance is an advisory, licensed with the respective Government Agencies in Malta to make applications on behalf of investors and their family members. Applications for citizenship by direct investment are submitted to the Community Malta Agency and the applications for permanent residence by investment are submitted to the Residency Malta Agency.  

For more information about Malta’s Investment Migration options and how Vertex Alliance can assist, please contact us.


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