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Chinese Covid-19 Vaccinations Now Accepted in Malta


China’s Covid-19 Vaccinations are the latest in the list of accepted vaccinations in Malta.

The Superintendent of Public Health in Malta now approves the Chinese vaccine certificates which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This is in line with these vaccines now being accepted under the World Health Organisation (WHO) Emergency Use Listing (EUL) Procedure earlier this month. The WHO recognises Chinese suppliers – CoronaVac by Sinovac and the Covid-19 vaccination from Beijing Institute of Biological Products, also known as Sinopharm.

China (including Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong), are currently on Malta’s Red List of countries. Adults wishing to enter Malta from red listed countries like China are required to:

  • Submit a passenger locator form (PLF) via an online app and supply documents to the health staff at their point of entry, and
  • Provide proof of a valid vaccination certificate, with the last dosage administered at least 14 days prior to entry.

Unless these criteria are fulfilled, a 14-day mandatory quarantine must be undertaken.

This is welcome news for fully vaccinated Chinese investors applying for Malta’s investment migration programmes. The acceptance of the Chinese vaccination certificates removes the requirement for individuals to do mandatory quarantine upon entry into the country.

For investors entering Malta from mainland China, the vaccination certificate can be presented electronically through the WeChat app – International Travel Health Certificate.

For investors entering from Hong Kong, the Covid-19 Electronic Vaccination Record can be used and for Taiwan, the NHI app can be used to show vaccination certificates.  

Malta offers several investment migration options for investors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. These include:

Later in 2022, Malta will be launching a new residence programme called the Startup Residence Permit for third country nationals setting up new business.  

Vertex Alliance is a licensed agent with the Maltese authorities and advises clients about Malta’s investment migration options. For more detailed information about these programmes, please get in touch.



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