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Malta – Europe’s Most Optimistic Country On National Economic Improvement & Vaccinations


According to a recent survey carried out about by the European Parliament, Malta is the most optimistic country in Europe about their national economy improving in a year’s time.

The Eurobarometer Survey was conducted to understand EU citizens’ views about the European Union and how it is handling the Covid-19 Pandemic, Parlemeter 2020: A Glimpse of Certainty in Uncertain Times.

It showed that Malta ranked the highest, with 42% believing that the nation’s prospects will have improved in 12 months’ time, whilst over 60% of respondents from Belgium, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czechia and France, believe the economic situation will be worse in one year’s time. On average, 53% of all respondents across Europe believed the economic situation would not improve.

Malta also ranked the highest for optimism in Europe regarding the Covid-19 Vaccinations.

Another recent survey from the European Parliament, found that the Maltese were the most optimistic to receive a COVID-19 vaccination compared to the other EU member states.

When asked, ‘If a vaccine against COVID-19 is authorised by public authorities and available for you, when would you like to get vaccinated?’ – 41% the Maltese answered they would do so as soon as possible.

The survey entitled, ‘Public opinion on Covid-19 vaccination in the EU’ was conducted throughout the 27 EU member States to collect views on the Covid-19 vaccination.

Overall in Europe, the survey showed that close to three Europeans in ten would like to get vaccinated ‘some time in 2021’ (29%); close to one quarter would like to do so ‘as soon as possible’ (23%) and less than a fifth is willing to do it ‘later’ (18%) or ‘never’ (17%).

When asked which sources of health advice would be most trustworthy, 23 Member States trust more independent health professions, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, whilst Malta was one of 4 countries tending to trust more their national state health authorities.

The survey also showed that Malta, close to nine out of ten residents in Malta (87%) that the EU is playing a key role in ensuring an access to COVID-19 vaccines in their country.

Malta is one of the leading EU countries advocating immunity passports for citizens that have received the Covid-19 vaccinations.

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