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Benefits of Doing Business in Malta


The Republic of Malta strategically located at the heart of the Mediterranean, is a business-friendly environment ripe with opportunities. A full member of the European Union since 2004, the island of Malta is located just a 2-hour flight away from most European capitals. As a member of the Schengen Area, Malta also grants its citizens the right to travel visa-free across the Area made up of 26 European Countries. Malta is also ideally located to access key destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. English is one of two official languages, which is widely spoken and used for day-to-day business in Malta, with official documentation and legislation being in English and Maltese.

Malta enjoys year-round sunny weather with warm summers and mild winters. Conducting business in Malta compares favourably with other EU countries, with relatively low incorporation costs, competitive labour rates, a stable Government and reasonable living costs. Malta provides an ideal location for both start-ups and well-established companies to set up headquarters or branches in a European jurisdiction.

The Maltese economy has undergone several changes over the past years. Higher value-added sectors, such as online gaming, blockchain, cryptocurrency, aircraft maintenance, pharmaceuticals, the film industry and property development have gained traction, indicating a shift towards more knowledge-intensive sectors. Traditional sectors like manufacturing and tourism have been sustained through competitiveness, whilst new economic sectors such as healthcare, energy, education and logistics have attracted considerable investment.

There are several benefits of setting up business in Malta, these include:

Low Cost & Simple Structure Company set-up in Malta requires relatively low registration and annual maintenance costs. Companies can be incorporated with a low minimum share capital of €1,165, with the option to have 20% paid up. Companies in Malta can be incorporated with one shareholder.
Local & Foreign Shareholders No legal requirements with respect to nationality or residency of a shareholder of a company under Maltese law.
Multi-Currencies Available Companies can choose the currency of the share capital.
Fast Company Set-up Malta Business Registry can register companies as quickly as 24 hours after submission.
Full Member of the European Union Operating in a single market facilitates trade and allows free movement of capital, labour, goods and services.
Favourable Tax Regime There is no inheritance tax, gift tax or wealth tax in Malta. Malta has agreed over 70 double tax treaties with different countries around the world, providing relief of double taxation. Possibility of lowest effective tax rate in the European Union.

Vertex Alliance is a Malta based Advisory specialising in corporation, tax, investment migration and wealth management. We support clients with planning a cost-efficient corporate structure, appointing trustworthy officers and directors, incorporating the company, along with the annual maintenance work. Find out more about Vertex Alliance’s corporate services here.

For further information, please contact us at Vertex Alliance. 


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