Dubai: Investment Migration, Corporate Structuring & Succession Planning

2022.05.17 - Dubai Sklyine Vertex Alliance (MH)

Vertex Alliance’s Managing Director, Mr Kenneth Camilleri, has been invited to speak this week at the Asia Outbound Summit in Dubai.

The two-day conference will cover investment migration and corporate solutions. The topics include:

  • Trends and transformation of global mobility in the post-epidemic era;
  • Impacts on investors from the Middle East and the key drivers for growth in this investment migration sector;
  • Investment migration developments in country programmes such as Malta;
  • Succession planning as the key to Middle Eastern family businesses; and
  • Corporate structuring and foreign direct investment.


The Asia Outbound Summit Dubai takes place on the 17th and 18th of May in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Kenneth Camilleri, speaking on Day 1 of the conference, provided an overview of Malta’s Investment Migration Opportunities in 2022, discussing both citizenship and residency by investment options:

Citizenship by Investment

Malta offers citizenship by naturalisation on the basis of investment following a residential period of three years, or by exception, one year. It is entitled – Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment. For more information about the investment and eligibility requirements, please click here.

Residency by Investment

  1. Malta Permanent Residence Programme offers third country nationals the right to reside in Malta indefinitely by investing in the country. Principally dependant family members can also be included in an application. For more information about the investment and eligibility requirements, please click here.
  2. The Malta Nomad Residence Permit, allows third-country nationals to reside in Malta for up to a year, providing they earn an income of at least €2,700 euro per month from outside of Malta and can perform their duties by working remotely via telecommunications. For more information, please click here.
  3. The Global Residence Programme, is a tax driven programme offering third country nationals annual residence and a favourable tax rate of 15% on income remitted to Malta, providing certain conditions are met. Such conditions include investment in residential real estate, a minimum €15,000 annual tax payment, and a €6,000 annual fee payable to the Government. For more detailed information about the conditions, please click here.
  4. The Start-up Residence Permit, is in the pipeline for 2022. It is a new programme aimed at attracting entrepreneurs and their new business to Malta, whilst offering investors residency in the country.

For more information about Malta’s investment migration options, please contact us.

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