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Vertex Alliance Invited to speak at the Inaugural New York America Outbound Summit 2022

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Vertex Alliance was invited to speak at the America Outbound inaugural New York Summit yesterday. The one day investment migration event, focussed on the latest trends for the American high net worth marketplace and the growing demand for outbound solutions.

Vertex Alliance was invited to deliver a special seminar focussing on Malta, entitled – ‘Relocating to Malta in The Heart of Europe’. The seminar session was opened by Managing Director, Kenneth Camilleri, who detailed the benefits of Malta as a country offering both citizenship and permanent residence by investment options for American third-country nationals.

Both options were discussed in more detail, with Vertex Alliance’s Private Clients Manager, Corina Bianca Chivu, leading the discussion about Malta’s Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment (CDI). Corina outlined the eligibility criteria, investment requirements, procedure and timeline of applying for the CDI.

The second option, Malta’s Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) was discussed in detail by Vertex Alliance’s Business Development Manager, Ms Megan Hamilton, highlighting the differences between applying for citizenship and permanent residence.

The final part of the seminar focussed on taxation with Kenneth highlighting the favourable circumstances in Malta.  

Malta, a member of the European Union since 2004, is the ideal Plan B for American third-country nationals looking to secure a secondary home or backup option for the future.

Malta offers investors from the United States of America an array of benefits. English is an official language that is widely used throughout in business, education and everyday life. Malta is an affordable and politically safe place to live with a very low crime rate. Located in the southern Mediterranean, Malta enjoys warm summers and mild winters, attracting expats from all over the world.

For more details about relocating to Malta please contact us.


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